About the Artist

BATYA RYBA  (the Hebrew name, for Rhoda Ryba) is a lifelong student of Bible, learning and teaching the principles of the Hebrew Bible -- Torah, Prophets and Writings --TaNaKh -- and the inspiration for living that she finds there.  

"My mixed media work imbeds Jewish sayings, Biblical words and phrases, into symbolic abstract illustrations of the messages that move my art and my heart -- painting the poetry."


"BATYA RYBA's vibrant, multi-dimensional and artistically creative interpretations illuminate the nobility and eternality of the Biblical word.    I adore her work not only because she brings beloved, ancient, sacred words to life but because she also infuses each of her original creations with the element of hadrat kodesh--the exquisite beautification of the holy.  

Through her timeless and inspirational works of art, Batya summons each of us to become a portrait painter of a landscape of the soul that will be worthy to hang in any art gallery of the spirit!"

 -- Rabbi Robert S. Leib, Old York Road Temple-Beth Am, Abington, Pennsylvania